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Capturing Luxury and Elegance at Ballymagarvey Village: The Extravagant Wedding of Kevin & Aoife


As a wedding photographer in Ireland, I have had the privilege of capturing countless couples tying the knot in various locations. However, Kevin and Aoife's wedding at Ballymagarvey Village was truly exceptional, and it was a dream venue to shoot at as a wedding photographer. This exclusive wedding venue is an absolute delight to work at, and the attention to detail that the venue's staff and the couple put into planning the event was nothing short of magical.

The day began with Aoife getting ready in the stunning bridal suite, while Kevin and his groomsmen prepared in nearby cottages. The morning was super chilled out and everyone was excited for the day ahead, and it was heartwarming to see Aoife and Kevin share their special day with their newborn son.

The ceremony was held in The Mill Loft, a picturesque location by the waterfall that provided the perfect backdrop for their exchange of vows. The serene atmosphere was enhanced by the soothing sound of the waterfall and the amazing string quartet that played during the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Kevin and Aoife hosted a drinks reception in the Manor House, which offered a warm and cozy ambiance. The homemade food was delicious, and the great music made for an unforgettable experience.

The banquet hall, where the reception was held, was breathtakingly decorated and looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale. The attention to detail was evident, and the food was just as impressive. It was clear that every aspect of the day had been carefully planned to create a truly magical experience for Kevin, Aoife, and their guests.

The evening ended with an incredible fireworks display that left everyone in awe. It was a stunning sight to behold and provided the perfect prelude to the newlyweds' first dance. The joy and love that radiated from Kevin and Aoife were contagious, and it was evident that they were surrounded by an incredible support system of friends and family.

Ballymagarvey Village is a spectacular wedding venue that is in a league of its own. Kevin and Aoife's wedding was nothing short of magical, and it was an absolute pleasure to be their wedding photographer. If you are looking for a fairytale-like wedding experience, Ballymagarvey Village is the perfect choice.


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