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Rustic Charm: A Wedding at The Wool Tower | Bridin & Lachlan


The Wool Tower at Race View Mill in Broughshane is a highly sought-after wedding venue for couples seeking a unique and rustic charm. As wedding photographers, we've had the pleasure of shooting weddings here and always had a brilliant time, and Bridin and Lachlan's special day was no exception.

The ceremony blessing took place at the Wool Tower, which provided a stunning backdrop for the couple's nuptials. The Georgian windows and vaulted ceilings added to the magical atmosphere, while Rachel Toman's music added a special touch, she never fails to impress with her talent

As photographers, we couldn't help but marvel at the tower's natural wood finishes, warm lighting, and cozy atmosphere, which made for perfect photos. After the ceremony, the couple's drinks reception was held outside, by the beautiful River Braid, providing a picturesque and private setting.

One of the highlights of the day was the Irish dancers, who impressed guests with their stunning performances. Bridin and Lachlan also arranged a ceili for evening entertainment, which gave guests the perfect opportunity to dance the night away.

As photographers, our goal is to capture the essence of the day, the people and the vibe. Bridin and Lachlan's wedding at the Wool Tower provided a truly unique and magical setting for an unforgettable day. If you're looking for a wedding venue with rustic charm and a laid-back feel, the Wool Tower at Race View Mill is the perfect choice.


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