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Pre-wedding Photo-shoot/Video? Is it important?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In short - absolutely hell yes! There's a lot of reasons for this, so many more than you realise. Here's some reasons why you should take us up on it


Timing is absolutely critical to getting beautiful light in your photographs. Either sunrise or sunset creating gorgeous, soft light that is flattering and beautiful. This mostly isn't possible on your wedding day bar getting lucky with a beautiful sunset (which we will most certainly try to get you both out into)

In short you can get light like this

In locations like this


The more time you spend with your photographer / videographer team pre-wedding, the more comfortable you will be in front of them and around the camera. This is crucial for a lot of couples and the feedback that we get after the shoot is that it was very relaxed and nowhere near as scary as they had thought. This in result allows your personalities to shine on the wedding day, allowing us to capture authentic and natural images that give a real vibe for you as people (and how awesome the wedding feels)

Building a relationship and great rapport with yous as a couple is paramount to us. Communicating and getting to know one another builds trust and calms the nerves so much when its time to be in front of the cameras, we want it to be fun and represent you and your day honestly and accurately.


Every couple is different, some couples love to show their passion openly and can't take their hands off one another, other couples may be a bit more laid back and some are super shy and don't enjoy getting their photo taken. This gives us a great opportunity to get the best results on the wedding day, knowing the most effective way of giving some gentle direction when needed is so important to get relaxed and natural images.

We know how to operate within boundaries that you feel comfortable with by spending time and getting to know your personalities. You will have confidence we won't have you doing something that you wont be comfortable with.

You will have a beautiful set of images that will capture the spirit of your relationship in a place that will be beautiful. Here is a few to get a vibe for a pre-wedding shoot.


Alot of couples have a pre-conception that these shoots entail the getting down on one knee and proposing. This couldn't be further from the truth, though if you're planning on doing it for real by surprise we would LOVE to capture that!

Engagement shoots don't have to be a corny walk in the park giving each other horsey-backs, they're so much more than that and a big part of what we do! Cheesy horsey-back photo below for reference although this was a joke between us and the couple on the shoot!!

Thanks for reading, we hope it helped! If you have any ideas or plans for an awesome adventure shoot then please contact us. We would love to be a part of that.


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