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Strangers on the North Coast

The wife and I decided to take ourselves away up to the beautiful North Coast of Ireland. I love it there and it really is one of the most beautiful and stunning landscapes to get away from the stress of everyday life.

Each time we go we always love to visit a few spots and enjoy the calm albeit windy seascapes. With our photography taking a new direction I decided to make the most of this trip and scout out 4 or 5 stunning places that would be great for upcoming shoots, bringing 1 camera and a drone. For 3 of the 4 stops I just used my phone to get a feel for how we could compose shots and decided to leave the camera in the car,

Something amazing happened at our 4th stop off (Balintoy) I decided to take the camera with us this time and whilst taking some shots on seafront I noticed a couple out of the corner of my eye. You could instantly tell they had an amazing connection with one another by how the held and hugged one another standing on the rocks. I actually looked around me as I thought there may have been another photographer taking their image, it looked almost too good for it to be randomly happening!

I was really thrown off by how in love they looked so I decided to approach their friends that was nearby and ask their names. I asked them could I speak to them and told them how amazing they looked as they hugged one another and if they would mind me taking a few images of them (also that I was a photographer and not some strange weird man randomly asking to take someones photo)

They obliged and we spent literally 5 minutes at the seafront taking some awesome images. Their connection was beautiful and they were so amazing to photograph. Two strangers that didn't know me more than 2 minutes and this is what we were able to capture. Thank you so much @sonjach and @mofessiou

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